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MSB Lab.

Lab members: Sajjan Rajpoot (Ph.D. Student), Kundan Solanki (Ph.D. Student), Khandu Digambar (Ph.D. Student), Pramod Patidar (Ph.D. Student), Lateef Rehman (Lab-Incharge), Mirza S Baig (PI)                                                                           


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Research Interest: Inflammation and Cancer


Inflammation and cancer- Our research focuses on the understanding of cell signaling pathways and transcriptional mechanisms that regulate the activation of macrophages in inflammation and cancer. Macrophage activation by microbial pattern recognition receptors, such as Toll-like receptors (TLRs), is critical for innate and adaptive immunity and has been extensively studied. However, these cells also play essential roles in resolving inflammation, maintaining tissue homeostasis and immune tolerance. We understand relatively little about the signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms that control the functions of macrophages in the context of their role in various chronic inflammatory conditions, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, etc.


Targeted Drug Strategies for Cancer and Inflammation- We utilize virtual or computer-aided drug design methods to model new compounds complementary to a target protein’s shape and charge against inflammation and cancer. These virtually designed lead-like compounds could later be synthesized for biochemical and cellular testing. Drug repositioning can provide a safer alternative to developing new compounds as the repurposed drugs are clinically approved, have proven bio-availabilities, and well-characterized side-effect profiles.

Past trainees: 
Dr. Kannan Muthu,   Dr. Adnan Naim,   Dr. Mansi Srivastava,   Dr. Anjali Roy,  Dr. Manikandan A.,  Siva Dallavalasa,  Ajaykumar Kawale,    Arshiya Khan,  Sannan  Mohammad, Ghazali Ahmad

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